About Us

We are a Trustworthy technology-based company established in Miami, Florida, USA. 

Our Mission is to connect the physical and digital worlds to help Client Users navigate safely today’s complex legal and official challenges through a tap of a button. 

Our App and Website Services and/or Products are simple and quick, providing Client Users easy access to our certified legal services, connect with our Service Providers, and carry out hassle-free Online Live Consultations and/or Legal Service Bookings to better navigate the public sphere, where safety and timeliness are a top priority every single day.

LegalPro+ is committed to provide the best services to a diverse type of clients, connecting them to informed Service Providers (such as Accountants, Notaries, Certified Translators, Paralegals, Attorneys, among others) any time anywhere no matter what their background is (such as geolocation, language, nationality, socio-economic and legal status, among others).

Our online Platform for transparency, security, efficiency, traceability, auditability, and cost reduction to keep official documents, mobile payments and other sensitive information secure at a low cost.  

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